Oct 05, 2022

Skiing in Austria: A Detail Guide

Skiing in Austria: A Detail Guide

All you need to know about skiing in Austria

The Austrian slopes are simply the best for any of the adventures that you want to go with. The high-altitude snowy slopes showcase a pristine view of the alps and the cozy view might just be everything you want on a holiday. All the spectacular snow-covered peaks are attracting tourists from all over the world year after year. Snowboarding and skiing in Austria is a peculiar experience unlike elsewhere because of the high standards and sophisticated lifts these snowclad mountains offer.

But worry not, the slopes are not just friendly for professional skiers who know their way around. They can also be a huge first-time adventure for beginners and kids alike who are trying skiing for the first time. When you go with organizers like Go2Snow, they’ll handhold you to make your first shot at skiing memorable, safe, and high on adrenaline, unlike any adventure you’ve tried your hand at before.

The endless adrenaline is going to be worth the trip and you might just have the perfect vacation that you’ve always dreamt of. Going with an organizer like us will make the whole process easier and prevent you from running in circles without knowing what to do or where to go.

Top destinations for skiing in Austria

1. Zell am see

Housing over 400+ km of pistes, Zell am See is a sight for sore eyes and remains a skiing destination like no other. The ski altitudes range anywhere from 750m to 3000m. The experience is simply a ride on the sunny side of life where you can find slopes that are big, challenging, gentle, narrow, or steep according to your preferences and experience levels.

With a lot of hot chocolate shops and a sociable atmosphere, Zell am see can be a perfect vacation plan for friends, family, or even partners.

2. Soelden

The thrill of anticipation in Soelden along with the experiences they leave you with can simply change the way you look at skiing and snowy mountain slopes forever. The areas house a lot of dedicated ski schools that curate specialized ski courses for beginners, professionals, first-timers, and kids. The region also has mountains that have accessible ski areas of more than 3000 meters. With 30+ mountain lifts and 144kms of slopes, the region can pique your skiing interest on a different level. They also showcase a lot of challenging variants for free riders. Owing to the impeccable slope condition, comfortable mountain lifts, and the high alpine altitude, they’re capable of just offering the best winter ski experience unlike elsewhere.

3. Lech

The region houses about 133kms of blue runs that are easy rolling. Lech is one of the ski destinations that has something for skiers belonging to any level. The breathtaking slopes are also comfortable for first-timers and kids. This is the reason why it is one of the good destinations for family ski getaways. They also host some of the best ski resorts in Austria that offer both luxury and budget-friendly options. Although Lech might not be challenging for extreme ski enthusiasts. They’re simply perfect for beginners and skiers of intermediate levels.

There are also a lot of ski schools that offer specifically curated courses and programs for learning skiing the professional way.

4. Kitzbuhel

Being a small Alpine town located at the ease of Innsbruck, they sweep our breath away with every sight at every turn and slope. They present a state-of-the-art well-groomed slope and 50+ ultra-modern lifts like nowhere else. A true pleasure for nature lovers. There are even a lot of museums and waterparks for you to explore in the area. This wild place naturally inspires action even in people who are having inhibitions to try skiing for the first time.

5. Kaprun

Kaprun has transformed the playground for winter sports enthusiasts altogether. The scenic beauty is everything you would want to engulf yourself in and you can’t get enough of it once you get started. With over 10kms ski route, 400kms of pistes and 21 lifts, they offer an elevation between 750m and 3500m.

They offer a potentially relaxed skiing experience for beginners. When you sign up for a ski course with us, you’re opening up to making your adventure much more regulated, streamlined, and memorable. If you’re looking to try skiing in Austria, Kaprun might just be the perfect destination for you to start things at.

Now is the perfect time for skiing in Austria!

Get your snow boots on and pick up that ski stick. We can plan out the entire itinerary for you to have a fun and filling experience. All our packages are curated to be budget-friendly and affordable. We offer packages for freerides and all-in-one skiing and snowboarding courses that are ideal for beginners, first-timers, kids, and families alike.

There are eight different types of skiing including backcountry skiing, downhill skiing, alpine touring, telemark skiing, cross-country skiing, freestyle, ski mountaineering, and adaptive skiing. Each of these is diversely contrasting from one another. Our courses are curated to give you a thorough introduction to all of these and to help you feel at home on the slopes. You’ll be able to understand everything from the basics to the advanced tricks, tips, and techniques that will make you a better skier with each ride that you take.

We have a team of 40+ instructors who are all diversely experienced in handling all your fears, doubts, and questions as you take your first ride down the slopes.

At Go2Snow, we are here to empathize with you and your emotions to curate experiences that you will remember for a lifetime. Talk to us today to know more about our packages, pricing, and appointments.


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Go2Snow offers you many destinations with the activities of the best ski schools in Austria. Choose courses from beginners to professionals and benefit from the best price guarantee of our ski schools. Read more >>

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Go2Snow offers you many destinations with the activities of the best ski schools in Austria. Choose courses from beginners to professionals and benefit from the best price guarantee of our ski schools. Read more >>

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